PC triple Wall Sheets

Polycarbonate Triple Wall Sheets
Hongyu Polycarbonate triple wall has higher impact resistance and better heat insulation effect,widely used in construction.
Product Specifications
1) Maximum width: 2100mm
2) Length no limit
3) Thickness 6m–16mm
4) Colors: clear,blue,green,brown,bronze,opal,red,etc.
5) Light transmission : 70%–80%
6) UV Protection: one side or both sides UV blocking layer with thickness of 50μm filtering about 99% ultraviolet radiation
7) Light weight: 8mm-1.6kg/sqm,10mm-2kg/sqm,12mm2.1kg/sqm,14mm-2.4kg/sqm 16mm-2.7kg/sqm(+6mm—1.4kg/sqm)
8) High impact resistance High impact resistance
9) Better heat insulation : Good heat insulation(K value):8mm-2.8W/m2K 10mm2.7W/m2K 12mm-2.6W/m2K 14mm-2.5W/m2K, 16mm-2.3W/m2
10) Installation: Simple and easy to install
11) MOQ: 1500SQM
12) Lead time: 10 days
13) Payment: T/T or L/C at sight
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